Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Faint Pink Line

i feel like i need to write down this memory before i lose it.

5:30am on saturday morning. i woke up and had to pee-- i had decided to take a test on saturday morning from the beginning of my cycle because if it was positive i wanted to be able to tell aaron at our valentine's day dinner that night. so i got out the test as quietly as possible and took it. i couldn't believe my eyes--there was a FAINT positive. but immediately i started to question myself. it was just so light of a line! so i was left wondering if it really was a positive or if i was just loosing my mind. i climbed back in bed with a huge smile and my heart pounding. how was i supposed to wait until that night to tell my best friend who was laying next to me? what if i was wrong? i wasn't confident enough to exclaim "WE'RE PREGNANT!" i couldn't wait. i needed to ask him what he thought. i needed his confirmation. "aaron....i think i have something to tell you... i think i might be pregnant...." "what...... go get it. let me see." i run and get it. he looks and i can tell he has the same doubts as me. it's so faint.

we conclude.. i might to be pregnant. and that is how we spend our Valentine's Day.... with me "MAYBE" being pregnant. :) i couldn't stop smiling. and i also didn't go back to sleep. it was one of the happiest moments of my life.

the next morning i took another one. it was more defined. i was definitely pregnant. i am living my dream right now. my little girl dream. you know the one that is usually filled with white lace and wedding bells. mine was being pregnant and having a baby. i am in it. i am overwhelmed with His grace and i am filled with gratitude.
God is so good. So good.
Tests from first on the bottom to 4 days at the top.

- emily

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