Thursday, March 24, 2011

8 Weeks

finding out i was pregnant at 3 1/2 weeks was fabulous-- but torturous! i spent almost 5 weeks thinking that i was crazy.  i have been feeling at little nausea, but nothing crazy. as much as i know that this is a blessing, weeks that went by having hardly any symptoms were pretty terrifying. it was easy to think that i wasn't pregnant anymore but there wasn't anything that i could do about it. surrendering the control has been the hardest part of this whole journey so far. it has been a challenge to be secure in God's promises of goodness and providence. 

the day we saw our baby couldn't come fast enough!

we finally went to the doctor march 16th! over a month after i found out i was pregnant! we were both very nervous. what if everything wasn't okay? the realistic part of me knew that life would go on, but i knew that we both would have tons of emotions to deal with. luckily, that didn't happen! 

we went to get our ultrasound first. as i lay there, the tech had the screen faced towards her, so that i couldn't see anything but aaron could see everything! more waiting... and staring at the tech and aaron while she took measurements. i did get a reassuring "looks like there is something in there" from the tech. AHH! finally, when it was time for me to see, as she turned the screen, it shorted out! after trying to fix it for a couple minutes, we got it to work. 

i finally got to see our baby. wow. it was an overwhelming full body response. my heart was pounding, i started crying and reached for aaron's hand. i am going to be a mom and aaron is going to be a dad. we were in this together. For REAL! it was amazing. the most surreal and joyous moment. we got to see and hear its heartbeat. 174 and strong. what a beautiful sound. and after some poking on my belly by the tech, our little one wiggled its feet! 

here's a glimpse of our sweet little babe:


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