Wednesday, April 27, 2011

12 Weeks

12 Weeks

here is my belly at 12 weeks. definitely feeling bloated and i feel like i'm starting to show by the end of the day! (which is probably bloating, but i'll take it!)

i guess i will just ramble on a little bit about everything so far. i really have very few complaints so far in my pregnancy. i haven't really had much nausea and the little that i did have lasted about 2 weeks between weeks 6 and 8 and was only for a couple hours each night. i haven't really been tired more than usual but maybe that's because i get a lot of sleep normally! i just pee a lot, but that isn't really that annoying except for at night. i average going pee between 2-4 times at night. no fun, but like i said, i am in no place to complain! at my 12 week appointment we heard the babe's heartbeat! it was 158 and strong! :) i am really looking forward to our ultrasound when we find out the gender! it will make everything even more real. and aaron has promised that we can start the name conversation for real then! yay! Aaron and I are going to Hilton Head with some friends during my 20th week so they let me schedule my ultrasound during 19 weeks-- JUNE 3RD! can't wait! 

i still go through days where i am really scared that things aren't going well and that maybe something is wrong with the baby-- i just feel so good and most of the time can't tell that i am pregnant. but i'm still working on the trust thing with God and this baby. it's definitely been a challenge but i am so grateful to know that i can always trust God's plan for my life and for our baby's life. He is always good.


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