Saturday, April 30, 2011

14 Weeks

this week i actually feel myself showing in the morning before i even eat, which i think is pretty new. but by the afternoon it is undeniable. even aaron commented on my little belly last night at dinner. it's finally coming! the baby is the size of a lemon and my uterus is even bigger, so i guess it makes sense that it's moving stuff around and making my belly stick out! i've started really just wearing maternity pants because i can't stand being uncomfortable in my normal pants when i know there are comfy ones waiting in the closet. i went maternity shopping pretty early on so i have a couple pairs of pants and a couple shirts. but i need to get some more summer stuff.

still feeling great and enjoying myself so far! this week i told everyone at my work. it was very fun to finally be able to talk about it with everyone at work. being a nurse in the NICU definitely has an effect on how i view pregnancy and it really is comforting to talk with all the girls at work that have been through the same process! they are just so encouraging and positive, but i still know that they completely understand my fears because they have seen all of the same sad things that i have seen. i'm excited to share this time with them and i am so grateful for the their love and support!

other random things i've noticed from pregnancy-- my nails are growing like crazy and are super strong. i really don't like long nails at all, so i've been cutting them almost weekly to keep them on the shorter side. and just yesterday at nordstrom, the makeup lady was putting mascara on me and complimented that my eyelashes are just so thick and long. NEVER heard that before! must be those preggo hormones at work! i've also been shopping for gender neutral baby clothes this past week-- i can't wait any longer-- baby clothes are one of my favorite things in life. ha. so basically i have a couple gray outfits and some fun socks. yay. :)


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