Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bachelorette Crazy

june was filled with celebrating great friends and their upcoming marriages! i was so happy to be asked to be the matron of honor in Savanna and Meghann's weddings this summer. their "last flings" were two weekends in a row in june. it was so fun to be with old friends from all over the country to celebrate these ladies!

savanna's was first! we started at my house with a some drinks and presents, went to dinner, and then headed downtown to Howl at the Moon! it was bachelorette heaven there!

lucy and danielle
the bride and me

meghann's bachelorette party was in bloomington, in. we went out on lake monroe during the day and then hit up the town of bloomington at night! meg's party was a joint bachelorette party with celeste, meg's pledge sister from Zeta. it was so great to meet everyone!!

me, celeste, meg, and kendra

me, lindsay and meghann at nicks
bachelorette-ing with baby!

savanna's wedding is august 19th and meghann's is september 24th! i can't wait to celebrate these wonderful ladies and their handsome grooms on their wedding days!!

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