Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Henry James Jansen

sharing this prenancy journey with Heather has been something that i will cherish the rest of my life. the memories that we have shared have created this bond between us that i can't describe. so meeting the little one that was in her belly this whole time was such an awesome moment. 

i was working nights the whole weekend that she was in the hospital so i didn't get to be with her as much as i wanted to, but the moments that i did get couldn't have been sweeter. 

i was driving to work when she was in labor. from Christian's last text, i knew she was probably pushing. not the best time to visit :) but something in me said to just stop by the hospital and at least say hi to all the family that was waiting in the waiting room. after hanging out with them for about 30 mins, i was about ready to leave to get to work. just then, the lullabye chimes sounded overhead (which means a baby is born) and out jumps Christian from the hallway! he announced that it was a boy! and that his name was Henry James and that everyone was happy and healthy. 
it was the sweetest moment. i am so glad that i was able to be there!

the next day before work, Aaron and I went in to meet Henry.  

welcome to the sweetest little baby boy!

over the last couple weeks it has been such a joy to get to know this new little person. he is so sweet and snuggly and has such a personality. i can't wait to see him grow... but i don't want him to get any bigger!

here are a few pictures from the night he came home from the hospital

Henry and his new little friend in my belly!

i'm so excited for all of the years to come with these two boys. there will be many more pictures of them together! :) 

congrats again Heather and Christian! you are already such wonderful parents and Henry is so blessed to have you! 

29 Weeks

baby Tom's for our little man to match his dad

its been almost 10 weeks now since i've posted belly pictures last. as i write this, i am 31 weeks so the belly is definitely bigger than the photos above, but i'm trying to catch up! :)

how i'm feeling:
so happy about the name we have picked :)
extremely excited to feel actual body parts when he moves
ready to meet him
terrified to see how my life changes

the last one has been on my mind the most recently. throughout this pregnancy i've been so ready for it to be finished just so that i can meet my new son. i really have had no hesitations about the baby stuff. but recently i've had new feelings arise about how much my life will change. no doubt every change will be worth it. but it's those quiet afternoons at home or the quiet car rides with Aaron that will just be different. it will no longer to be just us, it will be the three of us. it has struck me how much more important Aaron will become to me. he already has throughout this pregnancy. i need him. he is my partner in this and i will need him even more when our little one arrives. i will need him as my partner more than i will need to him to be our little one's father. does that sound weird? it might have come out wrong but i can't think of another way to word it. i'm actually grateful for these feelings. these feelings give me reassurance that our marriage will still be the most important thing. that the baby will not over take "us". and therefore, i think we will be better parents in the long run.

i'm looking forward to:
baby showers
feeling more baby body parts
our birthing class
washing baby clothes and putting them away
setting up our crib/room (we are kinda behind, but we'll get there in time!)