Monday, February 27, 2012

Four Months

Quinn was dedicated at church this month! It was a special day for us as a family. Both grandparents came and we celebrated afterwards with lunch together!

We have loved being in a bible study with other couples! We have been in our current group for around a year. It's been a BIG year. Three babies have been born already and two more are on the way! It's so nice to be in community with people that love Christ and are so good at loving us!! We are so blessed! Because we are growing and changing so fast, we have split up our group so that the guys meet one week and then the women meet the next. That way the babies can just stay home with a parent and remain on their normal schedule. But that also means girl time every other week! It's been so refreshing!! We also have started doing "family" dinners with our group once a month so that we can all see each other. It's been so fun. The photo above is from a family dinner night. That night Quinn decided that he wanted to poop EVERYWHERE. I mean it was dripping down his leg and ALL over him AND all over me :). Luckily, we were at Ben and Jess's house and they have two little ones! That means we just used their tub and all that stuff to clean him up! AND Jess was kind enough to give me clothes as well. Oh babies...

The wind was a little chilly for Quinn- But check out the light jacket I was able to wear in February! It was a beautiful day!
We checked out downtown Indianapolis during the week of Super Bowl this month! It was so awesome to see our city all spruced up! It really didn't feel like we were in Indy at all! Quinn slept the majority of the time while we just walked around outside and went through the NFL Experience.

This is about as close as we got to participating in the NFL Experience.
We ran into a family friend that was kind enough to take our photo in front of the Super Bowl numerals!
We randomly were contacted by a location scout that wanted to use the front of our house for a commercial!
It was pretty fun to watch them film it! Not sure if we'll be able to catch it on TV though!

Quinn's 4 Month Stats
Weight: 16 lbs. 4.5oz (75th Percentile)
Height: 27 inches (97th Percentile)
Head: 16.5 inches (50th Percentile)

At four months Quinn is wearing 9 month or 6-12 month clothes. I can't believe how fast he goes through sizes!! He still loves to stand but he now ALWAYS wants to be held sitting or standing. He will not be held like a "baby" anymore. He is drooling like crazy and always wants something in his mouth- preferably his hands! He definitely gags himself on accident pretty frequently because he just LOVES those hands! He has rolled to his side a couple times but still shows no interest in rolling over. Quinn really doesn't like bath time at all! We have tried two different tubs and he still hated it. So a couple weeks ago I tried taking a bath with him and it works SO much better. He still doesn't love it, but he tolerates it and I can even get a couple smiles out during it! He loves being carried in either the Moby or the Pikkolo soft structured carrier that I have! It's a savior during the evening when I'm trying to make dinner. He also really doesn't like his car seat so I always bring the carrier along when I'm shopping anyway. He loves it and will eventually always fall asleep in it. BUT he's getting HEAVY! So I am soon going to take off the adapter for his car seat on our stroller and put in the actual stroller seat to see if he likes that better! He's also pretty close to getting too tall for his infant seat. SO within the next couple months we need to buy a larger convertible car seat!

UGH. I hate it and so does Quinn. Month 3 was SO much better... but now onto month 4 it has gotten SO much worse. Worse than before we even started him on medication. We had a night this past week where he was up at least every hour, if not every 30 minutes because he was in pain from his reflux. It literally breaks my heart to see him in so much pain. So the next day I spoke with his pediatrician and we added another medicine. He's now taking Prilosec and Zantac. The poor kid can't catch a break. And we are now on day 3 of the Prilosec and I would say there may be a 30% improvement. He's still crying around half the time after his feeds when I burp him and about 75% of the time is waking from naps needing to be burped and spitting up and crying. That is not enough of an improvement in my book at all. I also broke down and added rice cereal to his bottle so that it would be a little heavier in his stomach and therefore hopefully stay down. My pediatrician has been suggesting this since day one but I just couldn't bring myself to start rice cereal on a one month old given that he was only getting around 3 bottles a week. I didn't feel like it would make that much of a difference. But now we're going to try to give him one bottle a day and I will pump during that bottle. We've done it the last two nights and it's okay-- but like I said overall I've only seen about a 30% improvement overall. I'm not sure how long we will continue the rice cereal thing because I'm not sure it's really helping. So in 3 days I'm supposed to check back in with my pediatrician and update her. I'm not sure I'll make it that far if he continues to be uncomfortable the next day or so.

Sleeping- He still usually goes between 8-10 hours at night and takes 4 naps during the day. Usually we are getting in at least one 2 hour nap with the other being around an hour. Now since this reflux stuff has gotten worse he is waking more often from naps early and waking more at night.

Nursing- It's going well still. While I'm with him I'm sure he's getting enough. But recently he's started taking more from the bottle than I can pump in one sitting while I'm away. That kinda stresses me out because that means for every bottle he takes I have to pump twice. And pumping BLOWS. I also have realized that certain things that I eat really affect his reflux. I really can't eat onions or anything spicy and I try to limit my caffeine. While nursing he has started to get REALLY distracted. He will stop if I make any noises at all or if I'm eating or if I'm talking loudly. It's pretty annoying! :) So I try to nurse him in a quiet room- which is really usually easy during the week because we are usually at home. But I'm finding more and more that he doesn't eat as well when we are out because he gets too distracted!

Overall he is such a sweet and happy baby! Still very easy going and calm. I've noticed that he isn't a loud baby. He's pretty quiet. He does babble and talk but he just isn't too forceful about it yet. He's also really sensitive to sounds. If Aaron sneezes really loud next to him, he will jump and half the time start crying because he was startled! It's so fun getting to know him and his quirks though. He's changing so quickly!

Quinn- My life is richer, fuller, deeper and brighter because you are in it. I love you so much!