Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekend in Photos

This weekend was pretty slow and I was antsy to do something. But I had to keep reminding myself that the month of May is super busy for us and these slow moments are good!! We hung out at home, took some walks, and worked on our yard. Quinn and I are both fighting colds so it was nice to just stay in and get better!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekend in Photos

i kinda failed at picture taking this weekend. this weekend was spent trying to figure out Quinn's new nap schedule which resulted in two sleepless nights... so there was a lot of staring at this...
we also had a great date night... some shopping for a Derby outfit for me and dinner at Cheesecake Factory. It was SO nice and freeing to shop without a baby! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Reddington! I did end up getting a hat... which I feel SO silly in....but hopefully it will be fun to wear in a couple weeks!

Six Months

Quinn's Stats
Weight- 18 lbs 1.5oz (55th percentile)
Height- 28 inches (95th percentile)
Head Circumference- 17.25 inches (60th percentile)

During Quinn's 6th month he learned some really fun new skills! He is now sitting pretty well unsupported and rolling from back to belly! It's been so much fun to watch him learn these. We work on sitting a lot because he loves it so much. He pretty much always wants to sit and play! He sits in his high chair and plays with toys without me and then we sit on the floor together while he plays because he's always lunging for something and falling over if I leave him too long. He will rarely lay on his back anymore. He's always flipping over and trying to grab something in front of him. I can already tell he's thinking so much about moving, he just can't get his body to do it! The only frustrating thing about this stage is that he is always grumpy when on the floor because he can't move on his own and that's all he seems to want to do! So I'm always having to help him move and play or sit and watch his try and get frustrated (which I know is good but still hard). After months of being concerned because he wasn't rolling or interested in rolling at all, this new phase has been so nice. It really helps me relax about him meeting his milestones. I've been learning that every baby is different and his little mind and body will do things when he is ready!

Reflux- It has gotten SO MUCH BETTER! We started him on Prevacid Solutabs at the beginning of this month and they have been wonderful. He takes them with ease and they have helped a ton. He still spits up here and there but is very rarely uncomfortable. We also have been able to lower his bed to almost flat. I never thought this would happen!! He was getting so mobile while he slept that we were pretty much forced to do it but so pleasantly surprised that he tolerated it so well! I think we will probably leave it this way for another month or so and then try it flat! During this month I gave up dairy. It was really not that challenging for me and more than anything I think it just made me feel like I was trying to do something to help his reflux. As of 6 months I reintroduced dairy, so we will see if there is any effect!

Nursing- It is challenging for me. I am getting frustrated with the limitations from his sensitivities. It seems like he is sensitive to onions, chocolate, caffeine, spicy foods and then I was also off dairy. It just makes me feel so frustrated and guilty when I end up eating a dish with onions and then he's fussy and gassy all night. I've talked to Aaron too many times to count about quitting and he's now supportive of my choice, but would really like me to continue. I also spoke with my doctor about what formula to put him on if I end up quitting. SO basically the ball is in my court now. I'm going to reintroduce dairy and see what the effects are and go from there. I really do enjoy nursing him, I just have struggled a lot with feeling like his reflux is my fault because I'm nursing him. I know that's not the case, so I just need to keep pushing forward!

Sleep- This month was different than usual! He started to wake more at night and wouldn't go to sleep without nursing. I was scared this was setting a new habit but it seems like he just needs an extra feeding every once in a while. Which is totally fine with me. His bad naps have continued this month. He usually likes to nap for 45 minutes about 4 times a day. I always feel like I'm putting him down for a nap! He will wake at 45 minutes happy as can be but then around an hour after waking he seems to get tired again! At my 6 month appointment my doctor told me to eliminate his 4th nap and try putting him to bed a little earlier. Then for the 3 naps, keep him in bed for a least an hour and a half whether he is awake, sleeping, crying, etc. We are now on day one of that! His first nap he slept 45 minutes and then was up for 50 minutes awake or crying. He's now on his second nap and miraculously has been sleeping for an hour and 20 minutes! I can count on one hand how many times he's slept longer than 45 minutes over the past couple months. I am pretty sure this is just luck right now, but we will see what the future holds..... to be continued next month... {{UPDATED}} So after that wonderful two and half hour nap we went on to have two nights of the most awful sleep he's ever had. He woke up every three hours and was up for at least an hour screaming whether we held him, fed him, rocked him, gave him Tylenol, gas drops.... but we pressed on with the new nap schedule and I am cautiously optimistic that we may be making some progress. Yesterday he had two naps over an hour and one 45 minute nap. He also slept around 11 hours last night and is down for his first nap of the day now. Crossing my fingers that we are on our way...

SOLIDS- We started solids this month. He was not interested at all. In fact he won't even let us put the spoon to his mouth without grimacing. We have tried oatmeal, avocado, banana, pears, and a carrot stick to see if he would chew on it. I would say he hasn't swallowed ANY of the above. I was only trying about once a week because of how much he seemed to hate it. But since going to the doctor yesterday, she encouraged us to try at least 1-2 times a day. She said to start with oatmeal and once he's taking that progress to vegetables and so on. She said she would only be concerned if he still wasn't eating at 9 months. So we will work on it!! :) I'm really looking forward to when he's eating lots of foods! I think it's so fun to see him grow.

Hanging out at the Zoo!

Trying out his new sunglasses at the Zoo
Not a fan of solids

SO over it

Loves his Aunt Lauren!

sitting long enough for pictures for the first time on Easter Sunday

Still such a smiley happy boy almost all the time

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend in Photos

yummy food with friends on friday night

savanna, meri and mindy

ashley, sam and me

practicing sitting in his cute new dino pjs

first time with a hair do after bathtime and sporting his new bandana bib i got off etsy!

got his swim diaper in the mail today for our vacation in may! so adorable!

this is how we bribe him to stand up against the couch- with the remote. it's pretty much his favorite thing in life.
we had a great weekend. great old friends were over on friday night for burgers and pie. saturday was pretty lazy for quinn and me but aaron finished up some great landscaping in our backyard. we cruised the mall for an hour or so, picked up chipotle on the way home and watched the descendants last night paused many times to get our screaming baby from his crib who was fighting some bad gas. sunday was spent grocery shopping and hanging out at home. plan is to have quinn try pears tonight. pretty sure it will go just like our other attempts! looking forward to his 6 month appointment this week so i'll be back with new stats!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Weekend in Photos

I'm stealing this idea from my friend Kendra ( I love it. I always like seeing pictures of what they did over the weekend. Here is the start of it for us! Now bear with me.. some events are missing. I'm still trying to remember to take pictures of things with my phone!

sunning diapers for the first time

hanging out saturday morning
walking to lunch
sitting for the first time long enough to grab a photo

or two...
got to spend time with aaron's sister lauren! we miss her because she lives in chicago!

had Easter lunch with family
eggs my mom dyed

Quinn's first Easter baskets from the grandparents

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Five Months

I know I'm incredibly behind on this post... I have excuses but the biggest one is that I'm lazy and just haven't felt like blogging! But here we go!

Quinn's 5 Month Weight: 17 lbs 11oz (Since we didn't have a doctors appointment this month, this is from a scale at a breastfeeding support group).

This month we have been battling the naps again. He really will only sleep for 45 minutes at a stretch. At the beginning of the month I was still going in and trying to rock him back to sleep and to have him just stare at me and then start to want to play. Within 15-20 minutes of being awake he would be tired and cranky again! Towards the end of the month I got frustrated and just decided to let him lay in his crib and rest for the full 2 hours of naptime even if he didn't sleep. He was awake one full naptime. But after that eventually would get himself back to sleep with lots of paci assistance and some patting/rocking. At 5 months I would say 75% of naps are swaddled and 100% of nighttime sleep. I can tell he is getting really close to loosing the swaddle but it will take some adjustment time which equals lots of interrupted sleep for both of us. SO I am reluctant to get rid of the swaddle since he seemed to sleep so well overnight with it!

Nursing is still going fine. He is a very, very easily distracted baby. I have to nurse him in complete silence. No eating, no drinking and most of the time I have to hide my phone from him. Otherwise he'd rather just play than eat. This has led to shortened feedings when we are out somewhere which in turn has led to more waking at night to make up for those feedings. But overall Quinn is still sleeping around 8-10 hours at on stretch. He usually goes to bed around 7:00ish and sleeps until 7:30 waking around 4-5am for a feeding. He is still eating every 3 hours during the day. I find myself going through a phase where I am pretty tired of nursing. I'm pushing through because I know that I will look back and be disappointed if I don't keep trying. But it feels like a fight during the day to get him to stop moving and eat. And then I'm struggling with getting his reflux under control. I'm experimenting with my diet and removing dairy. I didn't think I saw a result the first time I did away with it, but then about a week after reintroducing it, he started sleeping worse and being just more fussy all around. At the same time we started him on a new reflux medication because he refused to take any of the liquid medications. So we started him on a solutab that I hold in his mouth and it dissolves. I'm not sure if changing medications made him fussy or what but I went back off dairy to see if it would help things. We shall see...

At five months Quinn is sitting really well with support and practicing sitting without support. Most of the time he just dives forward to grab whatever is in front of him and then topples over. He has not rolled over yet but he is rolling to both of his sides and playing there. He LOVE to grab anything and everything. His favorites are my phone and the TV remote. I think I spend most of my day with him on my lap sitting because it's his favorite thing to do, but I have to continuously keep him sitting up because he's always diving for something. I can't wait til he can sit and play on his own!! He is drooling constantly and putting everything in his mouth. I have no idea when his first tooth will come in though!

The older Quinn gets, the more fun this mommy thing is! He is so interactive. He smiles at everyone he meets and loves being held by anyone! He squeals and waves his arms when I come to get him out of his crib. That totally melts my heart! He still loves his daddy and always sleeps SO well for him when I'm at work.

I can't wait to see what is to come in the next months!! You will be able to tell from the pictures below that we did a lot of staying home this month trying to get into a good nap schedule... didn't really work but we will keep trying!

Not the best picture-- but had to show off his leg rolls :)

Outside on the first nice day with Daddy.

He's completely shocked that all his favorite Colts players are gone!!

Diving for toys

Diving for monkey

Just love his rolls here.