Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend in Photos

yummy food with friends on friday night

savanna, meri and mindy

ashley, sam and me

practicing sitting in his cute new dino pjs

first time with a hair do after bathtime and sporting his new bandana bib i got off etsy!

got his swim diaper in the mail today for our vacation in may! so adorable!

this is how we bribe him to stand up against the couch- with the remote. it's pretty much his favorite thing in life.
we had a great weekend. great old friends were over on friday night for burgers and pie. saturday was pretty lazy for quinn and me but aaron finished up some great landscaping in our backyard. we cruised the mall for an hour or so, picked up chipotle on the way home and watched the descendants last night paused many times to get our screaming baby from his crib who was fighting some bad gas. sunday was spent grocery shopping and hanging out at home. plan is to have quinn try pears tonight. pretty sure it will go just like our other attempts! looking forward to his 6 month appointment this week so i'll be back with new stats!

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  1. I love the photo of him reaching for the remote! Riley has his own (battery-less) remote! It's still one of his very favorite toys.