Sunday, June 24, 2012

7 and 8 Months

At 8 months:
19 lbs 6 oz
28.5 inches

These past two months have had the BEST highs and some of the worst lows so far. I know that I am beyond blessed, but there have been some pretty hard days around here! Quinn is growing SO fast and doing so much!! He's crawling, pulling up and sitting down and trying to climb the stairs (which is terrifying), has two teeth, is waving, laughing and smiling, and knows/loves his momma better than ever before. BUT sleep and eating for us in the past two months has been more than complicated. He has had terrible night sleep and multiple reflux flares, med changes, and food/formula/breastmilk changes. It seems to be this crazy balancing act that I am completely failing at and most of the time feel like I'm spinning in this crazy vortex of a million choices and decisions. This has been the hardest parenting time I've had since he was born. There has been more crying, doubting, second guessing and less sleep than ever before. It's kinda hard for me to put into words the craziness that has been going on in my head most days! Trying to figure out why he isn't sleeping and what has changed or needs to be changed is where I'm usually stuck most days. If I could only invent a baby mind reader....

Here is Quinn's sleep schedule these past couple months (mixing in nursing, eating solids- usually has to be at least 30 minutes to a hour after nursing otherwise he spits up more, and timing medicine that has to be given 30 minutes before a meal or at least 2 hours after eating would make this more like my normal day.)

7am-8am Wake
9pm-10pm Sleep
10:30-11:30 Wake
1pm-2pm Sleep
3pm-4pm Wake
(If he wakes at 3 then there is a 5pm nap here)
7:30-8 Sleep
10pm-11pm Wake (At least 3 times a week)
12am Wake
2am Wake (At least 3 times a week)
4 Wake
7am Wake and start all over

This child used to sleep 8-10 hours at night. SOMETIMES he slept 12. What the hell happened?! Also there have been a handful of nights in there where I am stuck holding and rocking him from 10:30-1am before I can set him down without him waking and screaming.

So what have we done... I've tried to just rock him, 95% of the time I have to nurse him. Then 50% of the time after nursing him I can lay him down. Otherwise, there is more rocking in there.

I really don't want to do cry it out... but I've tried it a least 5 times... he cries intensely for 45 minutes and that is my max. He is nowhere near going to sleep at that point.

He knows how to put himself to sleep... he goes down awake for every nap and at bedtime.

SO that's sleep for us right now. But that's not lets talk about his reflux.

It has gotten 99% better during the day after a couple med changes (this is a HUGE feat. I am so so so happy to have a little baby that doesn't spit up all day). But his nights have gotten 100% worse. He no longer can sleep on an incline because he is WAY too mobile so we have had to put his crib flat. We have toyed with the idea of changing completely to hypoallergenic formula (after seeing a GI specialist- it has been her recommendation as something to try to see if we can lower his med dosage), and I have been off dairy for a couple months now. Every day based on what's going on with him, I change my mind about how I feel about changing to formula. We have tried a couple of days of the formula here and there and he honestly seems to do better with my breastmilk. And after lots of talking to anyone who will listen (I am SUCH an external processor), I have realized how important nursing him is to me. If formula was the cure-all and he had NO reflux and could be off all of his meds then maybe I would switch. But I'm just not willing to do it for the chance that things are slightly better, or just the same.

So that's where we are. He LOVES to eat. He would greatly prefer to feed himself. I can hardly eat in front of him without him going crazy over my food. He got a diaper rash after eating eggs and certain things seem to cause him some tummy pain and to spit up more.

I will leave you with a video... Quinn HATES oatmeal and any kinda of hot cereal. And I am mean enough to keep trying to give it to him because I know it may take him a bit to get used to it. I also am mean enough to video him while trying to feed it to him. He is pretty dramatic about how much he hates it. It's probably bad that I find this video hilarious. Please excuse my mommy voice...

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  1. I call that the battery acid son made it pretty much every time I fed him anything for 6 weeks, and just yesterday he didn't grimace when I gave him carrots (for the 5th or so time). Progress! Quinn is so cute!