Monday, July 2, 2012

More 7 and 8 Months

Lots of carrying around toys with him

Still lots of drool

Some fun baby yoga poses

Eating dinner with baby friends

Fun at the Zoo with Daddy

Loves his friend Henry
This month brought lots of outside fun

Hanging on the porch

8 months chair photos
Sweetest smiles

TRYING to get him to stand in place
But the turtle was more interesting

This is the best we could do!

So even though we've had our struggles with reflux, I seriously have the sweetest little boy ever. I can ALWAYS get a smile out of him, even if he's upset (which is rare). He LOVES new people and is always open to anyone holding him and playing with him. He gives me kisses and hugs all day-- they are the BEST. And he's just generally a relaxed kid. I can really see his personality coming through. He definitely seems more like Aaron, but I really can see a little of both of us in his personality. Recently he has become a little more aware of who I am and I'm not gonna lie-- I love it. He's not doing the whole separation anxiety thing yet, but he always gets so excited and happy to see me and it's just too sweet. Every morning Aaron gets him out of his crib and the second he brings him into our room, Aaron can hardly hold him because he's squirming so much to get to me. It's ADORABLE.

Here is a video I took a week or so ago. Although Quinn does know how to say "Baba", "Dada" and just recently "Mama", he really doesn't babble a whole lot. So I was happy to get him to talk to me while filming! Also, he has started waving a lot too! 

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