Wednesday, August 29, 2012

10 Months

Stats: MAYBE 21.5 lbs (weighed on my parent's scale)

This month has been so amazing. It has been the most fun and easy month with Quinn. He is just growing up so much and it is still so bittersweet. I find myself defending that he is STILL a baby and he is NOT a big boy because I don’t want these months before one year to be grouped into the next months after one. He is STILL a baby—at least until he turns one! He is the easiest baby. He naps well, plays well, gives me snuggles but is still independent, sleeps at night like a champ and is all around just a breeze. 

And I can almost say this with certainty, our reflux struggles are on their way out. Three months ago I would have told you that I was sure he would struggle for many more months with his reflux. But his new formula and no dairy or soy in his diet has been miraculous. This month we started to wean his Prilosec and 10 days in, I can say he is doing wonderfully. We will wean him off completely in the next month or so. I actually have lots of hope that it will work! I have learned so much from this whole reflux struggle, as a person and as a mother and I know that if I go through it again, it will be with different eyes and a more positive open mind. One thing that I have learned and will not change is that as Quinn’s mother I am his best advocate and I know him the best. If I think he’s in pain, he probably is and there is no reason for him to stay that way! It was easy for others to pass off his symptoms as something else, but I knew deep down that he wasn’t comfortable and I am proud that I never stopped looking for an answer. It’s a momma’s job and I’ve learned to not be ashamed of it! 

 We are staying at my parents because of our kitchen remodel and it has been heavenly to have my family around! I love having the help and the company and Quinn is in love with his grandparents and his uncle! Most of the time I’m pretty sure he’d rather be with his “Mimi” than with me! It is so fun to watch him with them! I’ve been able to take tons of pictures this month because I always have an extra set of hands to help with Quinn! So I have TONS of photos this month- I couldn’t decide which ones to post, so I just posted all the ones I like!
He LOVES throwing stuff out of the dishwasher!

He loves my mom SOOO much. She is the highlight of his day these days!

 We went to my cousin Jessica's wedding in Omaha, NE in August. He was amazing the whole drive there and back. I was really stressed about it, but he was PERFECT. He also slept through the night every night there-- in his pack n play in the bathroom. :) It was the perfect place to put him! 

His new bow tie was too much fun. And he was great with it and left it alone the whole time it was on!
 He was pretty tired during the wedding but did SO well!

Except for going a little crazy in the back of the church! :)

He attended some of the reception in style in his PJs. And then we put him to bed upstairs at the hotel and had a sitter to watch him while we celebrated with everyone! It worked out so great!

Here he is with the bride and groom!

 His favorite things: pointing, sharing, and smiling.

 His first time in a swing. He wasn't too thrilled about it but I got him to smile once!

 We threw a surprise 60th birthday party for my mom this month! Quinn's aunt Lauren came to help celebrate!

 And a friend of mine from work made a beautiful cake for my mom! It was the highlight of the night!!

Quinn loves to climb up stairs and he has started to learn how to climb down them as well!

 I never thought he would want to hold his bottle but this month he decided that he loves it!

We have taken some wonderful walks in my parents neighborhood before bedtime!

 We have had some great baby pool time!

He wore big boy pajamas for the first time this month! And I can't get enough of them! Plus there is easy access to his diaper! :)

He is having a ball at my parents house! I love seeing my parents with Quinn. It just reminds me how amazing they are as parents and challenges me to be like them! They are a lot to live up to! :)

Here's a quick rundown of this months changes!

New Foods: Hummus, Bread, pickles (doesn’t like them), Lemons (likes them!), blueberry banana pancakes, tater tots

Sleeping: THROUGH THE NIGHT!! J It’s been amazing to put him to bed and actually look forward to the next time that I get to see him!! He usually goes to bed between 7 and 8 and sleeps until 6:45-7:30ish in the morning. He takes two great naps of at least an hour but usually an hour and a half to two hours.

Likes: Toothbrushes, pointing, sharing and showing things, remotes (still), tickles, drawers, riding on daddy’s shoulders, throwing everything out of his crib a couple times before going down for naps.

Dislikes: Diaper changes, clothing changes, anything that involves lying down, when his bottle is empty, sippy cups, getting in his car seat.

Talking: Baba, Mama, Dada. Nothing "real" yet... mostly just babbling.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

9 Months

9 Months Stats
Weight: 20 lbs 5.5oz (50th percentile)
Height: 30 inches (95th percentile)

These faces have been the newest development. He is whiny... OH so whiny when he wants something. I have to say it's completely adorable MOST of the time. At 9 months he is expressing himself so much!! He has something to say about most things.
After a couple days of whining like this, I figured it out! He was HUNGRY! Literally every time he starts fussing if I give him food, he is SO happy. This is is 180 from the baby I knew! This kid LOVES LOVES LOVES to eat!!! I'm not sure if he's just getting older or if it has something to do with his tummy feeling better since being on the hypoallergenic formula, but it's amazing. I LOVE IT!! I know that I said that I was going to continue to nursing him but after supplementing one bottle a day before bedtime thickened with rice cereal to see if it helped his reflux, my supply went down fast! I decided not to fight it and give hypoallergenic formula a try. While I was definitely disappointed that I wasn't able a nurse him to at least a year, I am now completely okay with it because it has been such a good experience. He eats Similac Alimentum Ready to Feed and it has almost completely cut out any reflux. It's just nuts. For some reason the ready to feed version is so much better on his stomach because he still spits up a ton on the powdered version. So strange I know.... this kid is a complete mystery to me when it comes to his GI system. But I am thanking the Lord for this formula day in and day out because of how wonderful it is for him. I rarely even carry a burp cloth with me anywhere!! This leads me to believe that not only was he reacting to dairy but soy as well. :( boo. Our next challenge will come around 12 months when he is ready to transition onto some sort of milk. I'm not quite sure how that will go so I'm just enjoying this time while it lasts! :)

I've come to terms with the fact that there just might some food issues for Quinn for a little while. I'm hoping that he grows out of them quickly though! I thought that it might be a good idea to keep track of what he's had and how it's gone over thus far.

Allergy List:
Milk- Reflux
Egg Yolks- Diaper Rash (Still have yet to try them again or try egg whites)
Cinnamon- Diaper Rash
Gerber Puffs- Spits up/Reflux-- I don't understand this one but every time he eats them he spits up immediately afterwards. I've read random places online that there is dairy in the Banana flavor but the ingredients don't show that it contains dairy so obviously it doesn't? I haven't tried to see if there is a difference between flavors because we just went ahead and switched to Cheerios instead!

Successful Foods He Has Tried 
Sweet Potato
Green Beans
Butternut Squash
White Potato
Beans (Black, Cannellini,Lima)
Chicken (still not sure how he tolerated this-- lots more spit up that night and have yet to try it again)
Cantaloupe Melon
Olive Oil

At 9 months he isn't doing anything super new physically, he just is getting faster and more agile at things like crawling and pulling up. He's started to cruise more and more as well. He still really isn't interested in walking with us when we hold his hands. He would much rather just get down and crawl.

This month we have really tried to tackle sleep. He continues to wake up around 2 times a night, 1 time on a good night. After talking with his pediatrician at his 9 month appointment, she reassured me that he doesn't need any of the calories that he is getting at night to grow, he has just gotten used to needing the bottle to get back to sleep. SO we have started to wean him off the bottle at night. An ounce less every night or two. It seems to be working! I hope that at his 10 month appointment that I can say that he is sleeping through the night the majority of the time and if he does get up that he doesn't need to have a bottle to go back to sleep. Naps have become very dependable and pretty routine. He has dropped his third nap and seems to be doing well except for a pretty early bedtime around 6:30-7. His first nap is around 1.5-2 hours and his second nap is around 45 mins- 1.5 hours. It's so wonderful to have time to myself and to know that he is getting great sleep during the day! :)

So far this is my favorite age. He is SO much fun to be around and he is so much more independent!! I love his expressions, watching him think and figure things out and just playing with him!! He is just the sweetest! He is so good at kisses and hugs and he gives them to other people all the time! He loves to play with new people and loves animals! He is actually pretty gentle with them and usually screams when he sees them, crawls to them and pets them gently. We will see how long that lasts! :) This month has made me realize that he is not a little baby anymore. Gone are the days of rocking and snuggling (unless he's sick) and the days of climbing, playing and throwing things are here. It is so bittersweet.

(We are staying at my parents right now because our kitchen is being remodeled so I don't have our cord for the camera to upload more pictures. I update with more 9 month pictures when I can!)