Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A New Kind of Post

So, since having a baby (and probably before if I'm going to be honest), at night I usually just plop in front of the TV for a couple hours, zone out and get nothing done. Sure some nights there are shows that are favorites and it's completely entertaining. But most nights it really is mostly boring and I go to bed feeling completely zoned out and like I haven't added anything to my life by the hours and hours of TV I have watched.

There are so many things I want to learn and take the time to do that can't be done during the day while I'm with Quinn. There is also a need to have "me" time that for some reason isn't usually fulfilled by just watching TV. I feel like I'm just wasting precious time watching TV all night. While it's not like my personality to be GO GO GO all the time, I'd really like to carve out some time most nights to start to work on learning things and getting things accomplished so that I look back and am proud of how I spent my time. I was going to wait until the New Year to make this a New Years Resolution but I've realized I want to start now.  Here are the things I'm looking forward to starting or learning:

1. Crocheting/Knitting - With a baby on the way, I'd really love to make something for the little one. It's so much fun for me to make things for people I love. So I am drawn to making gifts for others as well! I also have realized that I am a pretty quick learner when it comes to this kind of thing and I need to take advantage of it. I just taught myself to crochet and I've known how to knit for a couple years. I have tons of yarn that is beautiful and begging to be used.
2. Quilting- My mom is so incredibly talented as a seamstress. She can pretty much sew anything and make it look perfect. She has been quilting for decades and is also in a quilting bee. It is really important to me that I take the time to learn this craft from her. I know that I will always be grateful to have taken the time to spend with her and learn from her. And hopefully one day I can pass it on to my children if they are interested.
3. House Decor- I have a list of projects that need to be done around the house to "finish" it. It includes MANY photos that need to be hung all around the house.
4. Exercise- Although I'm not trying to go start a new running routine while pregnant, getting out of the house to go to the gym and literally walk on the treadmill in peace sounds like GREAT me time. I'd like to make this a priority!!

Those are just some things that have been floating around in my head that I desire to learn and do! I'm going to try and document what I make so that I can look back and see how I have spent my time! As of now, I just have a crocheted square that is done because the yarn ran out while I was teaching myself how to crochet. I think I have my next projects in mind but they are Christmas gifts so they won't be shown for a good while! :)

What other things should I take the time to do in the evenings that will feel like me time? Any ideas of what you find interesting or fulfilling??

expecting... a new BABY!

We are so happy to announce that we are expecting a new baby around April 28th, 2013!

Our little ones will be around 18 months apart... a busy and exciting journey is upon us! :)

I am going to try to document this pregnancy as well as the last (which wasn't the best anyway) but I already know that I will be a little distracted loving on Quinn in these last months I have with just him! But my goal is to have a full post about baby #2 each month.

I am currently 14 weeks and I'm feeling great. I had a little rougher first trimester than with Quinn. I was pretty nauseous all the time from about 6 weeks to 11 weeks. Food didn't really help and eating just sounded gross anyway. But I wasn't really getting sick so I guess that is definitely a blessing! I also was pretty tired all the time and getting through night shifts at work were really rough. I really didn't want to get off the couch but that's a little difficult with a 10-11 month old at the time! I also have felt like this pregnancy has made me loose my mind! I am always loosing something, forgetting something I had scheduled or getting lost places I really should know where I'm going! Definitely different than the first time around!

We just got our kitchen remodeled (pictures to come) in time to get the computer and desk out of the third bedroom and down to the kitchen instead! It was perfect timing! I'm now just dreaming about decorating another baby room! :) Hopefully one day I'll get pictures up of Quinn's room too!

I'm not sure if we are going to be the best at taking pictures, but I will try to post some pictures from each month. They just probably won't be actual "belly" pictures all the time!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

One Year

How did we go from this...

to this...

in only one year.

It seems to have passed in the blink of an eye, yet those sleepy newborn days seem miles away!
Quinn has changed so much in the past two months.

He has gotten 4 teeth in the past month alone!
He's still OBSESSED with toothbrushes.

He has said his first words! Mama, Dada, ball, kitty, light and doggy and sheep sounds are all in his vocabulary! He loves to clamp  and wave "Hello", "Bye Bye" and "Night Night" and really loves to mimic about anything I do. He can show us his nose and his mouth. He can stick out his tongue and say "AHHH". He mimics my mannerisms all the time! He "wipes" his tray clean after he eats if I give him a wipe. He has learned to throw his pacis in his crib when I take him out of bed because we leave pacis in the crib! He gives the sweetest hugs anytime I ask and whenever he wakes up! He gives kisses too! Just today my mom got him to stick up one finger like "I'm 1!" after we practiced with him the past couple days. It just amazes me that I am able to actually teach him things!

He hasn't quite stood up on his own yet but if we stand him up he will take a couple steps towards us before reaching and falling on us (which he loves).

He is still such a laid back kid and never has a problem with different people watching him or going to the daycare at church. He's always, always just so excited to meet new people and be with them!
Visiting the pumpkin patch with Heather and Henry!

He is eating new things daily. We started introducing a small amount of dairy this month and it has gone great! He probably get one small serving of dairy a day. We also trialed soy and that didn't so well. Even bread with just a small amount of soy oil in it made him throw up. So I still have to be very careful with any processed food because most contain soy. But I am very confident that he will eventually grow out of this intolerance as well! He tried whole eggs a couple weeks ago and did wonderful! He has them almost every day now!
He LOVES any fruit.

Being Quinn's mom is never anything but a joy. Seriously. He is the sweetest, most loving little boy. There have been hard days when dealing with his reflux and allergies, but since figuring those out, it's been such a smooth ride. I just can't believe that I was blessed with such a caring, friendly and laid back little boy. God definitely spoiled me with this one :)
Spending time with his 93 year old great grandmother.

This birthday is so bittersweet. But it is such an overwhelming blessing.

 Happy First Birthday Quinn! Your Mommy and Daddy love you so much!