Wednesday, October 31, 2012

expecting... a new BABY!

We are so happy to announce that we are expecting a new baby around April 28th, 2013!

Our little ones will be around 18 months apart... a busy and exciting journey is upon us! :)

I am going to try to document this pregnancy as well as the last (which wasn't the best anyway) but I already know that I will be a little distracted loving on Quinn in these last months I have with just him! But my goal is to have a full post about baby #2 each month.

I am currently 14 weeks and I'm feeling great. I had a little rougher first trimester than with Quinn. I was pretty nauseous all the time from about 6 weeks to 11 weeks. Food didn't really help and eating just sounded gross anyway. But I wasn't really getting sick so I guess that is definitely a blessing! I also was pretty tired all the time and getting through night shifts at work were really rough. I really didn't want to get off the couch but that's a little difficult with a 10-11 month old at the time! I also have felt like this pregnancy has made me loose my mind! I am always loosing something, forgetting something I had scheduled or getting lost places I really should know where I'm going! Definitely different than the first time around!

We just got our kitchen remodeled (pictures to come) in time to get the computer and desk out of the third bedroom and down to the kitchen instead! It was perfect timing! I'm now just dreaming about decorating another baby room! :) Hopefully one day I'll get pictures up of Quinn's room too!

I'm not sure if we are going to be the best at taking pictures, but I will try to post some pictures from each month. They just probably won't be actual "belly" pictures all the time!

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