Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Toddler Food

Because Quinn doesn't do well with dairy or soy at this point, we have had find alternatives to the yummy foods that we love! I was visiting a mother's day out program last week when I saw a little girl eating spinach nuggets.. and loving them! I thought it was a great idea! Recently Quinn has been rejecting almost all veggies. He will take a bite or two and that's it-- on a good day! The teacher at MDO told me that the little girl's mom just bought them in the natural foods section of the grocery. So I checked them out, sadly, the premade ones had soy in them. So I googled a recipe and modified it for Quinn! While they weren't a complete hit, he didn't hate them. He did like to dip them in hummus and ate at least 3 or 4 pieces each time I've served them to him. I have a freezer full of them now so he will be having them for many more meals! They have almonds and flax seed meal in with the spinach so they are a little more dense and nutty than just plain spinach!

I thought I'd pass on the recipe. It's easily adaptable for those with or without food allergies. I subbed the cheese with rice cheese. I tasted them and they aren't bad! Definitely bland but not bad. Because I'm lazy, I'm just going to include the link.

Spinach Nuggets with Yogurt Dipping Sauce

After discovering this website, I found TONS of new recipes that Quinn can eat and that look good! It's seriously like a jackpot! So last night I tried a couple more recipes.

Homemade Banana Bread Larabars

Homemade Peanut Butter Cookie Larabars

These are already a hit! I had to hide the rest of the bar this morning after giving Quinn a couple tastes before breakfast. I love them too! They seem like they will be a great snack to bring while we are out and we can even share! They both include very few ingredients and are overall pretty cheap to make! (The peanut butter one is just peanuts and dates!) The most difficult part is going to a place where they have all the ingredients available. I went to Whole Foods because I knew they would have everything, but I wonder if they would have it all at a normal grocery store. I just didn't want to run to two different places.

I am now looking for more "Larabar" ideas online. It looks like there are tons of options!

I really am all for convenience foods with a toddler. Especially because when they want to eat, it's RIGHT NOW. So we use the microwave almost every meal and then blow like crazy on the hot food so Quinn can eat it as soon as possible! But sadly there are only a handful of pre-made foods that Quinn can eat. So anytime I find easy recipes, I am so happy! I will try to continue to post new recipes as I try them. I know that feeding a toddler can be a frustrating endeavor and I know I've really enjoyed all the resources I've found-- so I thought I'd pass them on!


  1. Hey, I do something similar to the spinach nuggets - i puree chicken, carrots, onions, black beans, tofu, garlic - whatever i have on hand - then add in egg (not sure if he can have egg) and oatmeal (or you could use breadcrumbs) and then fry them into patties, then individually wrap and freeze them. They are great for lunches on the go, just pop it in the microwave to defrost. Will loves them! I'll have to try the spinach nuggets, I'm sure he'd eat them as well. I wish there was a healthy goldfish...he LOVES goldfish.

  2. That sounds good! It's worth a shot to see if Quinn would eat it!

  3. Emily-I buy the small pitted dates from Kroger all of the time! They are by SunMaid (the red packaging) and come in 8oz packages. I typically buy them when they are on sale (which is quite often) for $1.34 each. In my Kroger, they are on the very top shelf along with the other dried fruits (not in the Natural Foods aisle, but the regular aisles). We probably have 6 or 7 packages of them in our pantry right now! Just thought I would share!