Monday, February 18, 2013

16 Months

For some reason our pediatrician appointment wasn't scheduled until 16 months... so that's why I'm doing Quinn's update now! I've decided that at the very least I need to do a blog update on all things Quinn for each doctors appointment! Which means that this may be a lengthy post because it's been 4 whole months since I've updated!

We have had a busy couple months! Quinn is growing and changing so much these days. He does something or says something new almost every day. And I am proud to say that he FINALLY shows that he prefers me and even actually misses me when I'm gone! :) When we lost Stella, Quinn stayed with my parents for a night and was really weird when I came home. He was almost scared of me and didn't want me to hold him. It was really hurtful but I knew that he just knew something was wrong. It's amazing how intuitive he was during that time! But after a couple days being home he was back to normal!

He is so much fun to play with and makes me laugh all the time! He is SUCH a happy boy most of the time and just wants to play and run around. He loves playing outside and we take advantage of every day that it makes it past the mid 40's and go outside and play as long as we can!

I've had too many days to count where I am made painfully aware that Quinn is NOT a baby and is definitely a toddler. He is very opinionated and loves to make it known. He has a stubborn streak and is always down for throwing tantrums if he doesn't get what he wants! I've been trying to just ignore them and most of the time that does the trick. He has started to throw things and hit when he's frustrated or tired. SO we have had to get more structured and serious with our discipline. It's an awkward process right now because half the time he doesn't understand that he did anything wrong and the other half I feel like he doesn't listen at all, laughs and hits/throws again. The pediatrician told me that she definitely started time outs with her children at this age so I tried that yesterday and he had NO idea what I was doing and why I was trying to keep him in the corner. HA. But we will keep trying. We have signed him up for "school" in the fall. He will go to a Mother's Day Out program one day a week from 9-2:30. I am looking forward to him learning social norms and having more structure to that day! Mostly I think he will LOVE it so much and that is why we signed him up!

He got his first haircut a week or so after his first birthday! He was really good--just needed a bit of distraction so that he wouldn't grab the scissors! Since then, I've cut it myself. There have been better haircuts than others but it's free! 

We've tried to make use of the monster costume. The first pictures of him in it are before he was one and the last are just a week or so ago! He's gotten so big!

Here is a family picture from Thanksgiving.

We went to see Santa and it was a bust. He loved Santa while he was standing in line, but as soon as Aaron tried to give him to Santa he freaked out! Poor guy! But the pictures are great! 

Here is Quinn in front of the Christmas tree.

 We didn't take that many pictures on Christmas sadly. It was a weird Christmas. I just knew something was wrong with Stella so our minds were elsewhere that day. But here are a couple pictures.

Here are more pictures around 14 months. Most of the time I get photos on my phone so some are below.

 He is still obsessed with our remotes but now he is sadly also obsessed with the tv and turning it on.

He stands like this all the time. We think it's hilarious.

Here are some more pictures at around 15 months.

And lastly this is his new face. It's what Aaron and I call his "Whatcha talkin' about Willis?" face.

Here's a link in case you want to compare... I think he still has some work to do.

Weight: 25 lbs 4oz (55th Percentile) Height: 32.5 inches (80th Percentile) Head: 19 inches (75th Percentile) Still tall and thin like his dad.

Likes: eating things while walking around, eating at the table, eating with forks and spoons, using a plate for his food, being held, being chased around with any loud toy, being tickled, music and DANCING all the time, rough housing in any way-- he is DEFINITELY a boy, he would wrestle around on the floor or be thrown around or spun around allll day long. He always wants "more" and he signs it over and over and then starts crying if we stop physically playing with him. It gets pretty exhausting. He loves playing outside.

Dislikes: Getting dressed, diaper changes, putting his coat on, having ANYTHING taken away from him, his stroller, his car seat, his high chair unless he really likes what he is going to eat, the blender (too loud and always makes him cry unless I'm holding him).

Favorite Foods: anything he can carry around and eat- recently mini pita pockets or half slices of bread, crackers and his snack cup filled with freeze dried peas or cheerios, bananas, chicken nuggets, tater tots, broccoli, sweet potatoes, apple slices on some days. We are still dairy and soy free and will continue until 18 months when I will probably retry both. We may do allergy testing at 2 years old if he is still reacting but we are already doing what they would suggest and he is obviously growing well so I'm in no hurry to get him tested.

Teeth: 12. He got all four molars over the past couple months which brought a lot of crying and waking at night. We give him Motrin anytime we think he may wake up during the night and it usually helps a ton. I think that his canine teeth are coming in as well but they haven't broken through the gums.

Sleep: He is still taking two naps that last between 1:15-2 hours each. He has had two days where he only took one nap and while he did totally fine during the day, he slept terrible at night. SO I think it may have just thrown off his schedule and it showed me that he probably isn't ready to drop the nap. He goes to bed between 7:30 and 8 and usually wakes between 7-8 in the morning. I still am SO thankful for how well he sleeps. The few times he does wake up, he either puts himself back to sleep or if I go and rock him for a couple minutes he lays down with no problem after.  

New Words: He almost is saying too many words to count... but not always on his own, usually when he repeats what we are saying. But here are some new ones; belly button, eye, nose, ear, head, brush, walk, rock, apple, snack, paci, shakes his head "No" to most things and nods "yes" when he wants something. Still isn't actually saying yes and no that frequently. If he knows he's not supposed to do something he will show me by halfway doing it and then shaking his head "no" while looking at me. He tries to say most things we ask him to say or he wants to say but most of them are pretty "rough" and need some work. But I can understand a lot of them. Can make snake, monkey, cat and pig noises along with the ones he already could do at 1 year. 

New Skills: Running, throwing balls really well, throwing tantrums complete with laying down on the floor and kicking his feet, holding his arms up like "I don't know" when I ask where something is or when we are looking for something. Hiding toys behind his back or under himself and pulling it out to show us. He does this weird thing where he puts things under his chin to hold them-- anything- food, toys, phones, crayons. We don't get it. He loves to mimic me- he will wipe up any spill, brush his hair, use my makeup brush on his face, brush his teeth, talk on the phone, and dance! He loves the bath but always gets in trouble by the end because he loves to throw cups or buckets with water in them out of the bathtub.

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