Tuesday, July 23, 2013

20 Months and 24 week Update

I wrote this when Quinn was exactly 20 months-- He is now 21 months and is SO different but I will save the changes for his 2 year old post! (EEK! How is that close?!) I will get a post up soon of pictures of Quinn during this time. I just want this up since it's been sitting here written for a while!

Weight: 27 lbs (60th percentile)
Height: 34.5 inches (85th percentile)

7:30-8 Wakes
1:30-3:30-4 Naps (Usually 2-3 hours)
8:00 Bedtime

Eating: Somewhat picky. He definitely eats enough things to get most of his nutrients and keep him growing but I would say he is very far from adventurous. He has tried apply juice many times and doesn't like it! He says yucky! I'm loving this because otherwise he definitely has a sweet tooth! It's a fight to get him to eat any veggies but fruits are always a favorite.

Talking: Too many words to count. Trying to put two words together, but not that often. Knows EVERYTHING we say. We have to spell things so that he doesn't know what we are saying. We are working on counting but he's just not into it. Aaron plays a game with him after dinner where he asks if he wants one cookie or two cookies, two cookies or three cookies, etc and he always picks the greater amount so we know that he does know some of his numbers and that two is more than one but he is just not interested in counting. After he picks the number of cookies he wants he always says "Elmo!" because Aaron always does The Count from Elmo and says "One, Wah-ha-ha, Two- Wah-ha-ha" We joke that he will go to school counting like that.

 Playing: LOVES to be outside. Loves to play in the backyard, to take walks and talk about all the cars, trucks, and bulldozers he sees. Loves the baby pool at the Y-- this has been amazing this summer. I would almost pay the whole year fees just to have access to the pool in the summer. It's my favorite activity by far and we go at least once a week if not more. He has started to take swim lessons with Aaron on Saturdays. Aaron says he is basically indifferent to them. He'd mostly rather just do what he wants and get out of the deep pool to play instead of following instructions to kick and blow bubbles, etc. But he will do what is asked of him, just not with enthusiasm.  Funny kid :) Loves to play chase with friends (especially Henry) and with Daddy. He is very social once he's comfortable in a situation. I always find him up in someone else's business when we are at the pool or the park. Slightly embarrassing but I guess it could be worse! He wants to be in the middle of where the action is or where there are kids gathered. He tends to want to play with older kids more than younger kids or kids his age.

I absolutely love being around him at this age almost all days. He rarely will have a day here and there when I can't wait til his nap but usually I just love his company. He is my little buddy and I love to do things with him everyday! He is just so sweet and fun at this age! I love watching him learn and hearing him ask new things or say new words. He loves to see new places and meet people and usually to try new things. He's just so funny too! As much as I am looking forward to him having a new brother, I will admit that I am more looking forward to when his little brother is at least a year old and I can play with both of them like I get to play with Quinn now!

Pregnancy Update:

When Quinn was 20 months, I was 20 weeks pregnant. Now that he is 21 months, I'm 24 weeks pregnant and will just stick to the updating from 24 weeks! :)
I haven't written really anything about my pregnancy because this one is just different and hard. The pregnancy itself was really difficult at the beginning. I had a lot of cramping and bleeding which led to a lot of ultrasounds and extra stuff. It was really the last thing any pregnant woman wants during her first trimester, let alone one that has just lost a baby. But I got through it, and after around 12 weeks I have felt like I've felt during my other two pregnancies. I usually have easy pregnancies and this one (after the first trimester) has been the same. So I guess I just haven't felt the need to document it too much because it really hasn't been much different pregnancy symptom wise.
At 24 weeks we have yet to touch the third bedroom that will be the nursery but I do have plans on what I want to do and a Pinterest board filled with ideas :) We also bought a crib off Craigslist which led to a mini breakdown on my part because it was just such a big and permanent purchase when thinking about if this baby will actually be here in the end. It's been really hard for me to buy much at all which is completely different than my other pregnancies. I still have some of Stella's baby girl clothes hanging in our extra closet that I was unable take back that remind me not to think ahead too much. I have bought a couple outfits because they have been on sale but each one I know that I can take back easily if things don't work out and somehow that makes me feel better. We're trying to make progress on the name front but there just doesn't seem to be much conversation about it and there really isn't a ton that both of us like! So we are just kinda waiting to figure that one out! :)

I am so thankful for this baby boy moving around so much all day now and reminding me that everything is okay right now. I am also thankful for my doctor who has done anything and everything that I have wanted to make me feel comfortable. There's only so much she can do, but it has been so wonderful to feel supported! Also, Aaron has been amazing during this pregnancy and has been to every single one of my appointments with me. I know that we both are just so very nervous that this won't work out.

I don't think I'll update much more on this pregnancy. Many one or two more times. Really it's for multiple reasons. 1. I just want this pregnancy to be over and this baby to be in my arms. I used to feel bad in my other pregnancies when I said I wanted to rush things, but I've realized that as magical and wonderful pregnancy is, it all really doesn't matter unless there is a baby in your arms at the end. That's what matters most. I think before there was this connection between the pregnancy and the baby that made me feel like I wasn't being a good mom if I didn't document or cherish each second of the pregnancy. But now, I fully understand that just because you are pregnant, it doesn't mean you are going to meet that baby. So I don't feel bad wishing away this pregnancy anymore. I just want to be at the end. 2. If something were to happen, having a ton of blog posts written during my pregnancy would just make it much harder to try to move on. 3. I already feel so very vulnerable during this pregnancy because I know all to well that I am not in control. Blogging a lot about it makes me feel even more vulnerable and it's just not something that sounds fun right now!

So for those of you who have been wondering why I haven't been blogging about this sweet baby boy in my belly, those are my reasons. :) Don't worry, once this baby is in my arms there will constant updates and pictures :) I just gotta get to that point!


  1. Sending you love, Em. Wishing sweet Stella was in your arms. And hoping and praying with all my heart that the precious boy in your tummy arrives safely in good health in about 16 weeks.

  2. Thanks for the open and honest update about everything. So fun that our sons are the same age and our next ones will be too!! Praying that this pregnancy continues to progress as well as it has, and speed by for you!