Wednesday, January 8, 2014

30 Before 30

I wrote this months ago... and intended to add to the list. I can't think of other things that I want to do... but I still want to do these things! Any ideas would be appreciated... especially smaller fun things! 

 While part of me can't believe 30 is around the corner and I still feel like I must be 22, another part of me is definitely aware of all that my twenties brought me and all they were able to teach me! I've seen people do these 30 things before 30 on other blogs and I think it's great timing for me to take this year to do some things for me-- to grow and to be thankful for all that I have here at the ripe old age of 29! So here are my goals:

1. Try a new workout routine. (TRX, trainer, hot yoga, etc)
2. Participate in some kind of race.
3. Read at least 3 novels for fun!
4. Drink more water.
5. Go beer tasting around Indy. I have been pregnant for far too long and missed so many new breweries opening!
6. Go hiking for the day with my family.
7. Continue meal planning and make a "bank" of meals to choose from!
8. Girls trip!
9. Make a quilt with my mom.
10. Organize my photos online.
11. Have a family picture taken.
12. Go on a trip with Aaron or with other couples.
13. Workout/run with my jogging stroller and my kids! (Once or twice... not always!)
14. Eliminate sugar for one month. I'm completely and hopelessly addicted.

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