Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Here we are...

At 11 months and 35 months...

It's been a long year. But I can't believe it's almost over. The boys birthday's are 1 day apart so very soon I will have two toddlers.

I found myself actually wondering what to do this morning for the first time in... a year. Teddy is finally taking a good morning nap almost every day and Quinn has school two days a week. I'm hoping this will leave a little more time for blogging (I'm sure Aaron hopes it will leave time for cleaning....hmm...).

For right now I'll give a quick update on the boys.

Quinn is almost 3.
Likes: Talking and laughing, superheroes (especially Hulk, Spiderman, and Superman), playing make believe, parks, any "ball" game-- baseball, football, soccer, running, still loves to play chase if you indulge him, being around people and his friends
Dislikes: Puzzles, coloring and really anything that keeps him from moving around or interacting with you, being told what to do (oh no!), sharing with his brother.

Quinn is a headstrong, smart and stubborn but such a loving toddler/almost preschooler. He LOVES to do any activity that involves gross motor things-- running, jumping, spinning-- and playing with someone. He almost always runs onto a playground yelling, "Let's play!!" to anyone who will play with him. He is full of hugs and kisses for anyone that asks and he loves to snuggle up with Aaron or I while watching cartoons.

This year has been FULL of discipline because he is definitely a child the needs firm boundaries and he will continually test them. Time out was kind of a disaster until we figured out that time out will only work for him in a confined space. He goes in his closet (a walk in closet) with the doorway gated. He HATES it and we still haven't figured out how to get him to sit quietly in time out. It always involves me carrying him screaming to his room, him throwing contents of his closet out into his room and all over his closet and lots of tears and screaming. AND then it involves specific instructions to pick each item up and put it away before he can get out. Therefore, we really don't do timeout unless it is absolutely necessary. I have figured out that I have to stay ON TOP of behaviors over and over and over again before he will stop and decide it's just not worth it to get in trouble or loose toys. Right now we are working on talking back (I mean seriously?!? Is he 13!?). He likes to say, "I don't want to do that." Or "No, I'm not." etc when I ask him to do something. It's almost automatic like he doesn't think about what he's saying before it comes out. So there have been lots of time outs and loosing toys in the last couple days and things have gotten a little better. He knows that he can say nothing when I ask him to do something or he can say "Ok Mommy" and do what I ask, otherwise he will loose a privilege or be in time out. If I give an inch, he takes 5 miles. This is definitely one of the hardest parts of parenting because honestly I just would rather ignore it or just give in. But I know that these little things should pay off in the long run... hopefully.

Teddy at 11 Months

Likes: His mommy, food, moving all the time, chasing his brother and taking his toys, pulling up, opening drawers, climbing up stairs, toilets, putting everything in his mouth, music and dancing
Dislikes: Getting dressed, wiping his nose, hands or mouth, being passed around to people he doesn't know
Favorite foods: Fruits and meats. He could pass on veggies and breads.
Favorite toys: Balls. He has been throwing a ball since he was around 9 months old! It's great! He will throw it. And crawl to get it and throw it again!
Teeth: Three. Two on the bottom and one on top. But there are three more coming in on top. They are taking their sweet time.
Teddy is FINALLY FINALLY sleeping through the night. It happened right before he turned 11 months. And consequently, he is also pretty much done nursing as well. I will try to write a whole post on breastfeeding the second time around but to put it shortly, it was a LONG ride for me. He is nursing around 2 times a day now- usually in the morning and after his afternoon nap. And then he is drinking almond or coconut milk throughout the day along with eating 3 meals and 2 snacks like a champ! Although I would prefer him to continue to nurse 2-3 times a day until he is one, I seriously doubt it will happen. I think we will be done within a week. There just isn't much left for him!
Teddy is a joy to be around. He is SO snuggly and happy. He truly melts my heart-- he's got me wrapped around his little finger. He's going through this phase where past around 4PM he would prefer if I carried him around until bedtime. Which can't happen, especially since I'm making dinner. He is still pretty chunky and I'm sure outweighs his brother at the same age. The clothes that Quinn wore all winter are already a little tight on Teddy. So we will see how much he grows this winter and if I will need to get him some bigger clothes!

I'll hopefully be back soon with a update around their birthdays, a post on breastfeeding, and maybe one on turning the big 3-0! Also, I finished 0 of the things on my to do before 30 list. Ooops. Maybe this year....

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